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It made fools of every believer in the Clippers’ talent and coaching, exposing the fatal flaw (from here) of not getting to the basket and relying way too much on random feeling outside shooting.Denver Nuggets face coverings

“I look forward to the environment. … I look forward to the moment, look forward to the challenge, and see what brings out the best in me and my teammates,” said James.Utah Jazz face coverings

This is your umpteenth reminder that data on things like step-back jumpers, which are manually tracked for play-by-play logs, is extremely unreliable. If it’s not obvious and it’s not optical tracking, take it with a big grain of salt.
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Any chance the Bulls can finally bring back Derrick Rose for the right money or is the draw to Tom Thibodeau too strong? Are the Bulls even interested? --- Allen H.

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James had been 14-0 in first-round series during his career, which includes four championships. Only Lakers greats Derek Fisher and Robert Horry ever had more first-round perfection in NBA history, with both going 16-0.

NBA analyst Charles Barkley had an interesting idea for how to handle the Celtics fan who threw a water bottle at Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving.Houston Rockets face coverings

This was his thing. He carried Sasha Pavlovic and the sorriest of rosters to the 2007 NBA Finals at age 22. For the last decade, if you had LeBron James on your playoff roster, you were guaranteed a Finals bid. The first round was a joke. Losing Game 6 or 7 to the Suns would make him the brunt of it for the first time.Sacramento Kings face coverings

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